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identifying sea shells?

identifying sea shells guide

This identifying sea shells guide is devoted to help in identifying the many seashells and other sea life that can be found along the shore. From seashells to sanddollars to starfish and more. With so much of the Earth covered by water it would be impossible to include all items that could be found but most people should be able to find what they are looking for.

MOLLUSKS- identifying sea shells

Seashells belong the kingdom Mollusca. Most Mollusca are soft fleshy slug like creatures that have an hard external skeleton type structure to help protect them. Mollusca can be found in both salt and fresh water, as well as on the land (snails). In the oceans, this structure is known as a seashell.

identifying sea shells 3:
Sand dollars are of the Phylum Echinodermata, class Echinoidea. They, like the sea urchin, have no arms or legs but move around by tiny spines on their body. Sand dollars are usually found lying in a bed buried under a layer of sand. If a sand dollar is found alive it will appear to have a layer of very fine hair on its body. These are the spines. They are a slow moving grazer that feeds on disintegrating organic material found within identifying sea shells


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