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Sea shell quilt

The sea shell quilt was made as the artistís response to the annual quilt guild challenge organized by quilters; the challenge that year was to "make a quilt inspired by the sea or sea shell quilt;" other challenge rules specified that in order to qualify for the challenge, quilts entered had to have at least one shell visible on the front of the quilt.

This is technically a trapunto piece, as an additional piece of batting was inserted in one portion of the quilt (under the shell forming the center motif) in order to make it more prominent.

Different snails - remove the shells to make slugs, or remove the slugs to make some pretty shells!

We offer to you very uniquely handcrafted products which are heirloom quality. These quilts are machine pieced and hand quilted, adding unique beauty to each item. To view quilt care guidelines click here.

Sea shell quilt Care Guidelines...

1. Pre-spot (mix water and WOOLITE together and "dab on the spot, then rub the fabric together gently).
2. We advise washing quilts in a front-loading commercial washer only. Agitating machines used in homes will stretch and pop hand-stitiching and can cause extensive damage.
3. Wash quilts in cold water with mild detergent such as WOOLITE. Most home detergents are too harsh because they are formulated to treat dirt.
4. It is best, when possible to AIR-DRY your quilt. If you can not air-dry, then dry them on a low heat setting in a commercial dryer, and monitor them. The quilts may not need to be dried for a full cycle.
5. If tag reads DRY CLEAN ONLY, consult your local dry cleaner and have them test a small section for color fastness in your presence.

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